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With the prevalence of mid-century contemporary furnishings and also home furnishings controlling the layout scene over the past couple of years, it would certainly make good sense that patterns from that period would certainly additionally return about. As well as while every person was falling for quartz countertops and train floor tile backsplashes, Terrazzo has been climbing from underfoot, today clothing a few of the chicest kitchen counters around.

“Terrazzo is built from a concrete base with attractive accumulations included in the mix,” stated Houzz. Terrazzo’s been utilized as a floor covering product for the last 100 or so years; its jump up onto the counters is still reasonably brand-new.”

Take into consideration these pros and disadvantages of Terrazzo if you’re all set for something brand-new in your cooking area.


According to Improvement, terrazzo countertops will undoubtedly cost you between $47-98 per square foot. “Although terrazzo looks great, it can in some cases set you back greater than whole marble pieces,” they claimed. “Plus, getting a whole piece or half-slab of terrazzo for kitchen counters is incredibly hefty, which can enhance delivery expenses in specific locations.”.


Terrazzo usually uses recycled products blended right into the concrete, so it’s possibly a greener item than lots of other kitchen counter products. Firms like The Venice Art Terrazzo Company make terrazzo floor covering and also countertops, producing custom-made choices with a “selection of tinted material or marble accumulation blends” and also enabling clients “to include glass, mirror, or mommy of pearl in your chosen mix. A number of these glass items are sourced from either post-consumer or post-industrial recycled products.”.


“Terrazzo kitchen counters are not a lot various than terrazzo floorings in exactly how they are made,” claimed Terrazzo. “Owners and also developers have the choice of selecting any terrazzo mix layout by picking any matrix shade as well as choosing a chip formula from our vast selection of terrazzo accumulations.

Terrazzo can look various by trading out the concrete that commonly houses the pieces for the material. A benefit of using material is that it’s not porous like concrete, so it does not require to be secured, yet it might wind up being a much more pricey procedure.


You can not go to Home Depot and order Terrazzo. The means you can make quartz or granite. You desire to make sure the individual producing your Terrazzo is acquainted with the item for the ideal outcomes.


“The greatest benefit of setting up terrazzo countertops in the house is their elegance as well as the distinct look,” stated Improvement. “Because there is not one strong shade throughout the product, it can look gorgeous in a selection of various setups. While Terrazzo has as well as has historical origins been made use of as far back as neolithic times in Asia, it is connected both with mid-century modern-day style and also modern designs.”.


You possibly will not be eager to take treatment of Terrazzo if you’re transformed off by the upkeep included in caring for marble. While it’s incredibly long-lasting, Terrazzo needs routine maintenance. Without proper cleaning and securing, they can be harmed, obtain damage or have their shade discolor in particular areas.

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