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When renovating a house, the most significant obstacle shows up when you’re refurbishing your shower room and bordering location the most considerable concern of all being the option of product for the subfloor.

The shower room is the area that needs to encounter very high degrees of wetness every day. Selecting products that aren’t immune to moisture for an extended period can increase your expenditures in the coming future. Exactly how to choose the appropriate one?

Before you discover what subfloor product is excellent for you, allow us to inform you what a subfloor is, simply in case you did not recognize it previously.

A subfloor is located under the last flooring or completed flooring that aids in maintaining the surface area level so the previous flooring can hinge on it without endangering architectural honesty. The subfloor likewise assists ceramic tiles from damage.


Usually, several service providers utilize outside quality Plywood as a subfloor product. Not simply that, utilizing standard screws can also lead to moisture dripping inside the Plywood; therefore, you need to use the most delicate screws for the subfloor, which are treated with water anti and also immune corrosion covering.

What’s the alternative right here? A sealed-backed board with a slim layer of mortar can stop water from leaking in.

Oriented Strand Board

OSB production procedure resembles that of Plywood. The only distinction is, when it comes to OSB, as opposed to using timber veneer, hairs of timber are compressed, making use of adhesive and hydraulics. Because of this, you obtain a structurally audio board that has far better water resistance, and bond plays a considerable component.

When the board comes in call with water or any type of wetness, the only issue with OSB is its swelling around the sides. This is why few individuals favor OSB as their essential Subflooring product. To stop tiling from breaking, the installment needs a firm and also level surface area, and also for that, Plywood continues to be much better than OSB.

Enhanced Plywood

As the name recommends, Plywood is treated with a unique kind of water resistance finishing that makes Enhance plywood stand up to feasible troubles brought on by wetness while also lasting a lot longer than conventional Plywood. It matched the selection for subflooring since Plywood often tends to be strong. As it does not bend when laid on a level surface area, ceramic tiles do not endure and have been damaged for numerous years.

Enhanced Oriented Strand Board

Boosted OSBs are developed utilizing materials that are water immune; therefore, unlike its typical OSBs, they never swell around the sides. Consequently, it feels like the best subflooring product. Some makers market Enhances OSB with up to 50 years of service warranty, even more factors in investing a couple of dollars more.


You’re going to have issues quicker than anticipated as inexpensive products do not often tend to last and do not have a correct covering or any layer whatsoever if you go economical while subflooring. Do a little study on the cost and deals, spend some even more to get fairly valued things that at the very least pledge to last a year or even more, or else you’ll be purging your tough made money right into drains pipes.

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