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Have you lacked concepts for feats to do on your feat mobility scooter? Perhaps you have listened to how to do a method or see a pal do one yet are uncertain how specifically to duplicate it on your feat mobility scooter. Complying with checklists includes a variety of feat mobility scooter methods and the actions you require to execute each.

Whether done on half-pipes, ramps, rails, or bowls, feat mobility scooter methods look fantastic when photographed around the skatepark catching feats where they were implied to be done. It is a pity not all skateparks proprietors permit feat mobility scooters. However, the good news is some do.

10 Basic Tricks of Pro Scooters

Take care when trying each method for the very first time, as well as constantly put on security equipment when riding your feat mobility scooter:


  • 1. Gain a consistent rate.
  • 2. Maintain your feet a little behind the center of the feat mobility scooter.
  • 3. Do a little bunny hop.
  • 4. While you impend spin bench 90 levels.
  • 5. When at 90 levels, rotate the bench and capture it before you land again.
  • 6. Return on, land as well as ride away.

Indian Air

  • 1. Do a bunny hop.
  • 2. Take your feet off the deck, placing your back foot ahead and your front foot back.
  • 3. Place your feet back on the deck of the feat mobility scooter.
  • 4. Land and also roll away.

Nose Manual

  • 1. Get a good quantity of rate you fit with.
  • 2. Take your back foot and also continue the structure gently.
  • 3. Lean onto your managers strongly. After that, use a great deal of stress.
  • 4. Be mindful not to lean also tricky or else you will undoubtedly land face.
  • 5. Lean back as well as roll away.


  • 1. Place your back foot on the brake.
  • 2. Draw yours manages up.
  • 3. Begin jumping without a touchdown.
  • 4. Lean onward as well as gain back equilibrium.


  • 1. Do a tail whip.
  • 2. Before you, land does a behind tail-whip (a tail whip vice versa around).
  • 3. Press the deck with your feet, unlike a regular Tail-whip.
  • 4. Land as well as roll away.

Delay techniques

  • 1. Bunny hop onto a visual or system
  • 2. Reclaim your equilibrium.
  • 3. Raise your wheel. After that, do a 180 level turn.
  • 4. Rollaway.

Switchfoot Pogo

  • 1. Place your back foot on the brake
  • 2. Draw the manages up
  • 3. Beginning jumping without a touchdown
  • 4. Switch over feet
  • 5. Beginning jumping once more without a touchdown
  • 6. Switchback
  • 7. Land

Wheel Spins

  • 1. Place your foot on the brake.
  • 2. Enter into a tire- delay.
  • 3. Spin around as sometimes as feasible.
  • 4. Land quickly as well as roll away.


  • 1. Construct some rate.
  • 2. Draw yours manages up.
  • 3. Obtain your equilibrium.
  • 4. Take one foot off the feat mobility scooter.
  • 5. Land quickly and also roll away.

Wheelie pop

  • 1. Do a wheelie.
  • 2. Drawback securely on the handlebars to make sure that your mobility scooter leans back.
  • 3. Place your feet on the ground.

Feat Mobility Scooter Techniques A-Z

You might have listened to a variety of feat mobility scooter method terms been sprayed the skatepark without any concept on what each of them indicates or exactly how to execute them. Right here is a reference of 100+ severe as well as preferred feat mobility scooter techniques, with video clip web links to bikers directing them where readily available:

  • Anti-flip a kind of flip where the mobility scooter, not the biker, does a turning
  • Around the globe a feat where the biker takes the mobility scooter around the rear of their body
  • Backflip where the entire body, as well as a feat mobility scooter, turn 360 levels up and down:
  • Backflip condor/no-hander a backflip is done with the hands expanded outward to both sides.
  • Backflip handclap where the feat mobility scooter biker does a clap throughout a backflip
  • Bar taxi a 180 level spin is done out of a Fakie.
  • Bar spin rotating benches around with your hands
  • Snap roll a sidewards turning
  • Bartwist a bar spin where one hand is kept the bar throughout the turning
  • Bri-flip a mix in between a mobility scooter flip as well as an X-up
  • Buttercup a tailwhip to a brief turn to a tail whip
  • Butt slide – using energy to move weight onto all-time low and glide down a slope.
  • Taxi driver a spin, doing a truckdriver whole right into a fakie
  • Cali slider rearranging the feet throughout a slide
  • Casper going down after that grabbing the feat mobility scooter by utilizing the feet to raise it upwards
  • Chairman where you remain on benches of the mobility scooter, with feet hanging over the wheels
  • Cross foot- a dive with the contrary foot before the various other
  • Decade where the biker handles to rotate their entire body around the deck holding right into benches
  • Dragon whip a tail whip where the turning is done by both hands keeping the steer tube
  • Double backflip – 2 straight back turns before touchdown.
  • Dual bar spin where the bench is rotated two times before touchdown.
  • Dual tail whip 2 successive tail whips
  • Eggplant the motorcyclist uses a ramp to turn and return on the contrary instructions.
  • Fakie riding the mobility scooter backward
  • Fakie guidebook doing a handbook backward
  • Fake mobility scooter brake hold getting to down and also getting hold of the brake of the feat mobility scooter while backward
  • Fakie slider riding in reverse while gliding on the front wheel
  • Quick plant – utilizing the off-deck foot to obtain air.
  • Weak work a work utilizing just the back wheel
  • Finger turn a severe turning of the mobility scooter utilizing one hand
  • Finger-whip whipping the deck around with one hand
  • Panache a backflip with a 180 level spin
  • Traveling squirrel a name for a technique without any hands or feet on the mobility scooter
  • Flip-driver a mix in between a barspin as well as a backflip
  • Foot jam utilizing the front foot on the front wheel for equilibrium
  • Foot jam tail whip doing a tail whip while on one foot of the front wheel
  • Foot plant a dive making use of one foot on the ground for energy
  • Foreward by turn an ahead turning of the bri turn
  • Frontflip the whole body and a mobility scooter, is revolved 360 levels up and down.
  • Front jam a turning 180 levels with the foot on the front wheel
  • Front mobility scooter flip – where one hand is removed bench outermost away and the entire mobility scooter transforms forward and back under the feet.
  • Fufanu touchdown on something with the facility of the deck after that pushing off once more
  • Complete taxicab a backward 360 level spin
  • Complete whip a tail whip as well as a barspin done at the exact time parallel
  • Grizzly raising the back boost high while maintaining the various other legs on the deck mid-air
  • Handclap taking the hands-off bench and also clapping
  • Handplant – making use of the hand to order a surface area while maintaining the mobility scooter in the various other hands
  • Hang 5 riding the mobility scooter making use of just the front wheel
  • Heel remote control touching heels while mid-air maintaining both hands-on bench
  • Heelflip touching the mobility scooter bar to the ground
  • Heel whip kicking the deck forwards rather than backward as well as revolving the deck clockwise to execute a tail whip
  • Hextuple whip 6 tail whips in a solitary dive
  • Ice Select a work making use of the back wheel
  • Indy an air technique where the cyclist orders the deck of the feat mobility scooter mid-air
  • Invert – an air method where the biker swirls around to transform instructions mid-air, intending to change the placement of bench with the shoulders
  • Japan a grab method comparable to the skateboard technique of the same name
  • Krippleflip turning the mobility scooter backward with both hands in between the biker’s legs
  • Legsweep – a method has done mid-air taking the leg over the handlebars.
  • Lip side a work making use of the deck of the mobility scooter on the lip of a pipeline
  • Lookback flight a mobility scooter fakie with both feet on the deck
  • Handbook riding just on the back wheel while maintaining equilibrium
  • chip a variant on the tailwhip with the cyclist rotating the rear of the mobility scooter mid-air
  • Mer grab a put no hander where the motorcyclist orders below the folding device
  • Approach an air technique where the biker orders the deck
  • Hazy flip a 180 level turning while in a backflip
  • Silence a grab technique with the back foot extended around the rear of you
  • Extraordinary a semi transform with a grab of the front wheel
  • No, conform utilizing the based foot to obtain air and also do a spin.
  • No footer an air method maintaining just the hands on the mobility scooter
  • Nose grab ordering the back of the mobility scooter while airborne
  • No hander a method performed with no hands on the mobility scooter.
  • No hander handbook squeezing benches relied on either the left or right in between your knees
  • Nose choice a delay on the front wheel of the mobility scooter
  • Nose handbook riding on just the front wheel while maintaining equilibrium
  • Absolutely nothing a mix of a no footer and also no hander
  • One foot invert an invert performed with one foot just
  • One foot guidebook – an equilibrium on one wheel of the mobility scooter making use of just one foot
  • One hander taking one hand off the mobility scooter after that placing it back on before touchdown
  • Penta whip a quintuple tail whip
  • Pivot utilizing the back wheel of the mobility scooter as a pivot to do a 180 level spin
  • Pogo making use of the mobility scooter like a pogo stay with doing as several dives as feasible
  • Pogo spin rotating while carrying out pogo dives
  • Post grab taking both hands off the handlebars as well as ordering the guide tube
  • Powerslide utilizing energy to transform and also glide instructions with both feet on the deck
  • Quadruple tail-whip 4 successive tail whips
  • Quintuple tail-whip 5 successive tail whips
  • Rewind a tail whip adhered to by an additional tailwhip on the contrary instructions
  • Rodeo turn a 360 level spine while in a backflip
  • Rodeo grind a one-handed and also one-footed work
  • Blades whip a tailwhip and also barspin on the contrary instructions
  • Samurai turn the competitor’s name for a bri flip
  • When the mobility scooter is in a fakie placement as well as riding so that you are going forwards and also the mobility scooter is riding the contrary means to where it is encountering, mobility scooter fakie
  • Mobility scooter phony brake hold carrying out a mobility scooter fakie while holding the brake of the mobility scooter
  • Mobility scooter turn where the outermost hand is removed bench, and the entire mobility scooter revolves in reverse and back below the feet.
  • 7 a 720 level spin
  • Elusive hands-on powerslide a powerslide on the back wheel
  • Program whip a tail whip without the help of kicking the deck to transform it
  • Program rewind a rewind without kicking the deck to transform it
  • When the back wheel is on the top surface area, you are grinding with the front wheel hanging over, Smith grinds grinding.
  • Slider a fashionable transfer to leave riding a fakie without the wheel leaving the ground
  • Spinal column transfer reviewing the back of 2 quarterpipes
  • Stalefish a grab comparable to the skateboard method of the very same name
  • Staircase dive leaping over a detailed variety of stairways
  • Suicide no hander a method done with absolutely nothing touching the mobility scooter
  • Superman both legs and also arms prolonged like Superman while mid-air
  • Superman deck grab – prolonging both legs and arms and getting the mobility scooter spruce up before you.
  • Superman tire grab doing a superman and getting a wheel while it remains in front of you.
  • Tailwhip rotating the mobility scooter around mid-air
  • 10 a 1080 level spin
  • 3 a 360 level spin
  • Three whips a 360 level tailwhip
  • Three-way bar spin where bench transforms three times while mid-air
  • Three-way finger whip – rotating the mobility scooter three times by creating turning with the hand
  • Truck driver a mix of a 360 level spin as well as a barspin
  • Put where the knees are advanced to squeeze the guide tube
  • Put no hander – a put executed with both arms included the side.
  • Turndown a turning maneuver carried out mid-air
  • Two guy whip a tailwhip done with the turning of the deck done by a 2nd individual
  • Twizzler a mix of a Benihana and also a bar spin
  • Tye grabs ordering the feat mobility scooter wheel while mid-air.
  • Umbrella turn taking the mobility scooter over the head like umbrella mid-air before touchdown
  • Wall surface plant touchdown and also pushing off versus a wall surface
  • Wallride utilizing energy to ride along a wall surface
  • Whip taxi a 180 level tail take out of a fakie.
  • X trip having the hands go across like an X form on the handlebar
  • X up crossing your arms in an X form while you are keeping benches
  • With any luck, this reference has finished your understanding of mobility scooter terms, as well as with the help of the video clips, you will undoubtedly feel significant sufficient to try a few of your very own.
  • Have a good time when executing these methods, as well as likewise attempt ahead up with ways of your very own!

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